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“The European Fake Book!

Over 100 of some of Europe’s Best jazz writers, including: Stefan Karlsson”.

--Sher Music Co.


“…the precise pianist Stefan Karlsson”


“Don’t let this jewel get away….Karlsson’s own Elegy For Russ, a heart-filled closer”.

--IAJE Jazz Perspectives


“Karlsson offers a profound taste of carefully crafted phrases….he is a pianist with great sensitivity and a huge capacity”, so the content is never ordinary”.

--Swing Journal (Japan)


(from an Eddie Gomez interview)

“The thrilling excitement, which I used to feel, when I played with Bill {Evans} comes alive when I am playing with Stefan.  He is a pianist who is absolutely bound to receive much attention”.

--CD Journal (Japan)


“Karlsson comps with his usual aplomb…”

--All About Jazz


“With Chords, trills, hits, and fluent runs up and down the piano, Karlsson had an excellent sense of timing and placement’.

--The Daily Sentinel


“…the sensitive Bill Evans-like piano of Karlsson”.

--International Society of Bassists Journal


“…lyrical pianist Stefan Karlsson…”

--52nd St. Review


“Karlsson plays with notable warmth and understanding…”

--All About Jazz


“…Karlsson avoids being totally predictable. He does not limit himself to the most obvious and overdone standards.  Karlsson, God bless him, actually bothers to do his homework…”


“…Karlsson’s playing and writing achieve new levels of depth and interest.  It not only re-establishes his credentials as one of today’s best jazz pianists, but sets our expectations even higher for what the future may hold”.

--Las Vegas Jazz Society


“Karlsson is a superb technical pianist, fortunately, as his complex compositions demand perfect execution. Keyboard gymnastics such as parallel octaves, rapidly repeated notes and tricky contrapuntal lines are problems Karlsson solved long ago in the practice room”.

 --Las Vegas Jazz Society


“Karlsson is an enthusiastic and versatile modern mainstream player who shows a great deal of promise…”.



“Suave Swede creates cool cacophony”

--Daily Cougar-Houston


“Here is proof again that Europeans do more than their share to keep the jazz flames alive”.

--Gavin Jazz


‘Karlsson is a mindful technician with a nice touch for rhythm and melody”.

--Gavin Jazz Report


“He is a pianist of tremendous intensity and sensitivity, who stands out enough from the mainstream of piano players to command attention without being bizarre”.

--The Indianapolis Star


“Karlsson, a composer of striking gifts”.

--The Indianapolis Star


‘’…his broad use of the keyboard and full sound are out when he works with the rhythm section…an adventurous route that is not marred by too often traveled ruts-refreshing”.

--Jazz Times


‘Karlsson’s melodic single note lines are refreshingly airy, floating out over a nicely sprung rhythmic cushion…”

--Jazz Journal International


‘’Karlsson proves himself as both an effective soloist and ensemble player…”.


‘…he’s as selfless as they come.  This is a player- and this is a band- we hope to hear much more from in the future”.

--Jazz Times