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 (As Leader)   

  • “Smilin’ Eyes” (Bebyne Records, 2011).  Solo piano recording in Barcelona, Spain
  • “Decisions” (Summit Records, 2010).  Co-leader with Lou Fisher and Steve Houghton.
  • “Music is Forever” (TNC Jazz, 2005). With Ed Soph, Tom Warrington, Marvin Stamm, and vocalist Joni Janek (tribute recording to my dear late friend and pianist /composer, Russ Freeman.)
  • “No Place To Go But Up”  (TNC Jazz, 2000). With Ed Soph, Tom Warrington, and Marc Solis.
  • “Music Box”  (TNC Jazz, 1998). Featuring Tom Warrington, Ed Soph, Phil Wigfall, Rocky Winslow and Marc Solis.
  • “Live at Vartan Jazz”  (Vartan Jazz Records, 1997). Featuring Eddie Gomez and Eliot Zigmund.
  • “Below Zero”  (Justice Records, 1994). Featuring Rufus Reid, Rich Perry and Marvin “Smitty” Smith.
  • "The Road Not Taken" (Justice Records, 1991).  Featuring Rich Perry, Dick Oatts, Marc Johnson, and Jim White.
  • "Room 292" (Justice Records, 1990).  Featuring Tim Hagan, Magnus Broo, Mike Pope, and Sebastian Whittaker.


(With the Eddie Gomez Trio & Quartet- including Jimmy Cobb, Nasheet Waits, Ed Soph, Jeremy Steig, and Rodrigo Villanueva)

  • "Live at Dazzle"...SOON TO BE RELEASED (with Eddie Gomez and Ed Soph)
  • “Live in Mexico City” (Jazzling Records 2010)
  • “Palermo”  (Jazzeyes, 2007)
  • "What's New at F" (Tokuma Records, 2004)
  • "Uptown Music" (King Records, 1998)
  • “Eddie Gomez Trio-Live in Japan”  (Mezgo Music, 1998)
  • “Dedication” (King Records, 1997)


 (With the One O’clock Lab Band- University of North Texas)

  •  “Lab '90”
  • “Lab '89”
  • “North Texas Fifty Years”  (University of North Texas Press, 1997)
  • With Respect to Stan Kenton” (1986)
  • “Live in Australia” (1986)
  • “Lab '86”


(As sideman)

  • “The New Age”- Xiaochuan Li Quartet (Da-fire Records).  With trumpeter Xiaochuan Li, Eddie Gomez and Billy Drummond, April 2014
  • “Diaspora”- Tito Charneco Group (Armour Records), November 2013
  • “Zoom Blewz”-  Lynn Seaton (Armored Records), September 2012
  • “Passing Thoughts”- PIC Records, Pete Brewer, Dallas, TX, September 2009
  • Bi-Coastal Collective- chapter one “- OA2 Records, Paul Tynan and Aaron Lington, San Jose, CA, February 2009
  • Recording with the Forth Worth Jazz Orchestra, Harbor House Recording Studio, Keller, TX, June 2009
  • “Moving On and Upward”- Sebastian Whittaker, Upfront Music Records, Houston, TX (2008)
  • “Think Tank”-Will Campbell, Charlotte, NC, August 2008
  • “Tuesday’s Blues”-Idit Schneer, OA2 Records, Denton, TX, May 2008
  • “ Out Of The New “- Steve Wiest, Arabesque Records, Dallas TX, January 2008
  • “The Jazz Trombone” (Carl Fontana/Al Hermann, Sea Breeze Records, 2004)
  • “Up North” with the Norrbotten Big Band, Lulea, Sweden February 2004
  • DVD recording (for a newly written instructional text by, Ed Soph, at the University of North Texas, August 2003
  • “The Manne We Love” (UNT alumni quintet with the Two O’clock Lab Band, TNC Jazz, 2001
  • “Elegance”  (Marvin Stamm, TNC Jazz, 2001)
  • “First Morning”  (Wayne de Silva, TNC Jazz, 2001)
  • “Blue Moods”  (Antoine Silverman, Hillsboro Jazz, 2000)
  • “Keepin’ Up With The Boneses”  (Carl Fontana/Jiggs Whigham, TNC Jazz, 2000)
  • “Deep Summer Music” featuring Chris Potter  (Jim Ferguson,“A” Records, 2000)
  • “True Colors” (Evgeny Shapiro, TNC Jazz, 2000)
  • “ Cosmic Soul” (Phil Wigfall, Phi54, 2000)
  • “Jazz at Six”  (UNLV Jazz Studies Faculty, TNC Jazz, 2000)
  • “You Are Not Alone”  (Ce Ce Gable, Brava Productions, 2000)
  • “ Monkey” (UNLV Wind Ensemble, Mark Records, 1999)
  • “Simple Complications” (Rocky Winslow, TNC Jazz, 1999)
  • “A Tree In Your Ear”  (Stephen Caplan, Musicians Records1999)
  • “Meu Jazz Brasiliero tem um Poquinho de Blues”  (Pablo Dourge, 1999)
  • “Nice and Easy”  (Carl Fontana & Jiggs Whigham, TNC Jazz 1998)
  • “Voyage From the Past”  (Walter Blanton, TNC Jazz, 1998)
  • “It Takes A Village” (UNLV Wind Ensemble, Mark Custom Records, 1998)
  • “Coloring Outside the Lines”  (UNLV Jazz Ensemble I, TNC Jazz, 1998)
  • “The Body of a House”  (Walt Blanton, TNC Jazz, 1997)
  • “A Cosmic Odyssey”  (Tony Smith, T.S Production Group, 1997)
  • “Tranquility”  (Bob Badgely, Seaside/Cats Paw Records, 1996)
  • "Justice Music Sampler (Justice Records 1996 and 1997)
  • “Down-Home”  (Herb Ellis, Justice Records, 1996)
  • “Fred Wayne Orchestra” (Fred Wayne, 1996)
  •  “The Valley of the Kings”  (Sebastian Whittaker, Justice Records, 1995
  • “Released”  (David Rice, Justice Records, 1994)
  • “Because I love You”  (Rich Chiaraluce, 1994)
  • “Searching for the Truth”  (Sebastian Whittaker, Justice Records, 1991)
  • “First Outing”  (Sebastian Whittaker, Justice Records, 1990)
  • “Straight Ahead”  (Pete Peterson, Chase Music Group, 1988)
  • “Life is A Take”  (Red Mitchell/Rich Matteson, Four Leaf Clover Records, 1987)
  • "Serendipity”  (Scott Whitfield, 1986)